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The Work we do at Deysbrook Village Centre


The Deysbrook Village Centre provide the communities of Yew Tree & West Derby with the space and specialised people to facilitate a wide range of very much needed services and fun activities on a weekly/monthly basis. The centre is open 7 days per week, on 4 of those days the centre is open to the public from 7.30am-8.30pm. When a new activity is identified at the centre, the Charity staff and volunteers support the development of it and when it becomes successful, we then support it to be professionalised.  


For clarity, I will endeavour to describe the number of user groups we have at the centre, the work they facilitate, the people they work with and the benefit they have on the community.


All our user groups must have up-to-date public liability for the activity they offer, and they also must show accredited qualifications or training pertaining to the activity they offer.

Available Groups


Toddler Group                          Zumba

Mitchy Tichy Yoga                     Yoga (Adult-Chair based)

Priory Youth                             ESF Woman's Training

Elm Day Huse Nursery               Food Pantry

Miss Clair Dance School             Pensioner Lunch Club Bingo

Jo Baby Sensory                       Open The Door Theatre Group

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